Validated by CBRE | Romonet

Predictable Data Centre Performance

Validated by CBRE | Romonet is the first independent certification process to measure the end-to-end performance of a data centre throughout its lifecycle.

CBRE | Romonet's services are used by the world’s leading data centre services companies and enterprises to independently analyse and predict financial accuracy, operational performance and environmental impact.

"Having access to analytics from the very early stages of a new design is invaluable. If we make the wrong decision when designing a new facility and find out that the technology and systems would not deliver on targets, we would face serious problems as it is immensely difficult to reverse the process and readjust your strategy at a later stage of a project."

Matthew Winter - Group Director, Projects, Global Switch

We assure customers, shareholders and the industry that:

  • Data used to make decisions and being reported on has been scientifically analysed and validated.
  • Energy, water, financial, environmental and other claims are independently analysed and verified.
  • Every attempt is being made by the certification holder to run an efficient, sustainable and responsible facility.

Validation helps data centre owners and operators to:

  • Initially determine the accuracy of the data being metered and analysed before recommending improvements and cleaning bad data.
  • Select the highest potential performing site before risking capital and brand exposure.
  • Ensure a site's design and build is fit for purpose and delivered as specified.
  • Vigilantly assess operational performance.
  • Simulate and measure ongoing capital investment, tracing ROI and TCO on all equipment and operational spending.

How to become Validated by CBRE | Romonet:

Simple. Quickly receive the most credible understanding of your performance available in the industry today.

  • Contact CBRE | Romonet below for a short assessment of your situation and requirements.
  • Depending on your facility's lifecycle stage, CBRE | Romonet will outline a short process for gathering and analysing data, reviewing the results and recommending opportunities for improvement.
  • All analysis and results are available for reporting and further segmentation.
  • Data is regularly updated to ensure you remain informed and in control.

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