CBRE | Romonet is selected as a finalist at DCS Awards 2018

CBRE | Romonet is selected as a finalist at DCS Awards 2018

CBRE | Romonet and its Big Data Predictive Analytics Platform was a finalist at the DCS Awards 2018 for Data Centre Efficiency Project of the Year.

The DCS Awards recognise the achievement of product designers, manufacturers, suppliers and providers operating in the data centre arena who have gone above and beyond to improve the industry.

This nomination recognised CBRE | Romonet's analytics platform and its ability to solve the financial, operational and environmental challenges that affect enterprises, data centre service providers, facility operators and those responsible for managing the highly sensitive IT assets businesses are dependent on. One of the main projects presented to the judging panel to illustrate CBRE | Romonet's abilities was the company’s work with Fujitsu UK & Ireland.

Fujitsu’s main objectives were to improve energy efficiency, maximise available capacity and deliver measurable business outcomes. By deploying CBRE | Romonet's solution Fujitsu was able to identify savings of over 9% of the site’s energy per year, improve the site’s PUE and improve the site’s overal operational performance.

Zahl Limbuwala, CEO of CBRE | Romonet, said, “We are extremely pleased that the judging panel has recognised the innovation we are driving in the industry. In the past years we’ve invested significant resources into developing our platform and transforming the data centre industry. As a result, in 2016-2017 we enabled our clients to save over £3m on utility costs without additional capital expenditure, reduce energy usage by 48,000 MWh and decrease CO2 emissions by over 11,550 tons.”

“The data centre market continues to evolve at speed and its leaders are increasingly aware of its impact on our environment and the best solutions for creating and designing highly efficient facilities.”

CBRE | Romonet's platform has won many awards in recent years, including the Critical Environment Future Thinking category at the DCS Awards 2016. The company has been recognised as an innovative company (under $100 million) in the data centre facility industry by IDC.

Winner of Infrastructure Innovation of the Year, UK IT Industry Awards

Winner of the Infrastructure Innovation of the Year, UK IT Industry Awards

The CBRE | Romonet team have won another prestigious award - Infrastructure Innovation of the Year at the UK IT Industry Awards 2017.

The award recognised CBRE | Romonet's ability to provide unrivalled insight through the use of modeling and predictive analytics, from initial design through to end of life. With CBRE | Romonet's help companies are making better informed investment decisions and increasing operational efficiency to new levels.

Its main competitors in this category were BT, Capgemini & Rolls Royce, Cradlepoint, DWP Digital & IBM, Geeks, Hyperoptic, Silver Peak, Sudlows and Tegile Systems.

Independently selected as one of IDC’s top three innovative companies under $100 million in the data center facility industry, CBRE | Romonet is constantly innovating to improve how organizations purchase, manage and monitor their data center infrastructure.

Danny Reeves, CEO of CBRE | Romonet, said, “The data center industry is evolving fast and CBRE | Romonet is always striving to develop cutting edge technologies and keep the pace with our customers’ needs, ensuring they have the most accurate model of their facility and operations, so they can make the best possible data driven decisions when investing, designing, building and operating their data center assets.

It’s great to see CBRE | Romonet's team being recognized for their hard work in this fast paced industry and we are delighted to be able to help our clients maximize their efficiency potential.”

CBRE | Romonet's Platform accurately models, simulates and predicts data center power and cooling efficiency, total cost of ownership (TCO), operational and financial performance, and use of natural resources, helping customers better control capital expenditure, manage operating expenses, independently assess the impact of technologies on the data center and the environment, therefore making better investment decisions.

CBRE | Romonet Named an IDC Innovator

CBRE | Romonet Named an IDC Innovator

CBRE | Romonet was recently named an IDC Innovator in the IDC Innovators: Smarter Datacenter Infrastructure to Support Dynamic and Agile IT (IDC #US42059116, January 2017) report.

“This is deserved recognition for the influence CBRE | Romonet has had in a rapidly evolving data center market,” explained Zahl Limbuwala, CBRE | Romonet's co-founder and CEO. “Accurate predictability has become fundamental to fast growing Cloud and colocation services providers, as well as enterprises looking to consolidate and adopt a hybrid approach. With our tools available, it’s hard to understand why companies would take such large financial, environmental and operational risks without using our data center lifecycle analytics to validate their decisions.”

In 2016, CBRE | Romonet continued its growth within the large Cloud and colocation providers, and expanded its enterprise customers. With new partnership, product and certification program announcements due early in 2017, the company is expecting another strong year.

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