Running a profitable data centre services business means maximising quality of service while minimising expenses. If your data centre supports your core business, then it can be an expense affecting revenue-generating investment and growth.

  • Reduce initial investment by accurately analysing and predicting the most suitable design.
  • Decrease operating expenses by continually analysing metered data against predictive models.
  • Eliminate unnecessary ongoing capital projects.
  • Choose the optimal, most cost effective equipment to meet current and future workload requirements.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Efficiency is an essential component of every company that cares about its shareholders, brand, customers and employees. Regulations, taxation and environmental pressure groups are focused on making data center operators design, build and run cleaner facilities.

  • Optimise Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).
  • Measure and compare site design and equipment specifications to actual metered data.
  • Identify energy and water inefficiencies.
  • Accurately measure and report sustainability metrics.
  • Highlight future risks to availability or service levels.

Data Centre Operations

Predicting and maintaining peak performance can be the difference between success and failure. Global operations, both internally managed and outsourced, need constant monitoring.

  • Manage the data centre as a business unit with accurate ROI and financial insight.
  • Maximise capacity, minimise costs and provide investors with predictable profits.
  • Track capital investments effectively.
  • Optimise energy and capacity, thereby reducing the rate of equipment failure.

For Analytics Leaders

The data centre should be accountable, predictable and manageable. CBRE | Romonet gives you control over major financial and operational decisions that could impact your company's success.

For Site Selection Teams

Where is the most economic, sustainable and highest performing location for a new site? What is the optimal design? How can I accurately plan for future growth? CBRE | Romonet provides you with the answers.

For C-Level Executives

Our executive reports can provide the positive and negative implications of investments, operations and public risk for more effective decision-making.

For Data Centre Managers

Maintaining 100% availability while meeting energy, budgetary and growth demands is a massive challenge. CBRE | Romonet ensures you make the right decisions.

For Finance Departments

CBRE | Romonet predicts future capital costs when they are needed, not when equipment vendors tell you, therefore ensuring operating expenses remain as low as possible. Predictable, accurate, accountable.

For Enterprises

Data centres are critical features in the success of your company. As you move to a hybrid estate of owner-operated, colocation and cloud, ensure your decisions deliver the outcomes you need.

For Data Centre Service Providers

The data center IS your business. As margins decrease, service demands increase, and competition challenges your position, base your investment and operating decisions on accurate, proven analytical data that will increase marketability and profitability.

Reduce data center TCO, remove risk, improve performance and add value

Charles Rego, Chief Data Center Architect, Data Center Group, Intel