CBRE | Romonet customers save £3m+ and decrease CO2 emissions by over 11,550 tons

CBRE | Romonet customers save £3m+ and decrease CO2 emissions by over 11,550 tons

For many years data centers have been seen as highly complex facilities, difficult to understand and under the sole responsibility of IT departments. Most senior managers saw these facilities as financial black holes without any consideration of their contribution to business profitability. On top of this, environmental organizations were flagging the huge amount of energy consumed by data centers at a global level and the increasing levels of CO2 emissions that were damaging our environment.

In recent years, due to technological advancements, data centers have started to become a critical priority for many organizations as a failure can bring a business to its knees. These complex facilities now underpin our lifestyle, from our daily commute, to financial transactions, business and personal communications and grocery shopping.

As a result more and more tech companies have started to invest significant resources into increasing data center efficiency and reducing the amount of energy these facilities consume in order to keep our society going 24/7, 365 days a year.

Improved performance, reduced environmental impact

Since its inception CBRE | Romonet's vision has been to ensure data centers are both sustainable and efficient. Our mission is to improve performance and reduce the impact on our environment by enabling data center stakeholders to make faster and more accurate data driven decisions.

This year we are proud to announce that in 2016-2017 we enabled our clients to save £3m+ on utility costs, reduction of energy usage by 48,000 MWh and decrease CO2 emissions by over 11,550 tons.

By accessing CBRE | Romonet's predictive analytics solution and gaining unparalleled insights regarding the data centers’ lifecycle, our clients were able to improve their decision-making process and significantly increase their facilities’ profitability.

From a financial perspective we helped our customers maximize productivity and minimize expense by:

- Reducing the initial capital investment by accurately analyzing and predicting the most suitable design.

- Decreasing operating expenses by continually analyzing metered data against predictive models.

- Eliminating unnecessary ongoing capital projects and choosing the optimal, most cost-effective and efficient equipment to meet current and future workload requirements.

Enabling the running and building of environmentally-friendly facilities is also a major priority for our company and we helped our customers reach their CSR targets by:

- Measuring and comparing site design and equipment specifications to actual metered data to identify energy and water inefficiencies.

- Calibrating and reporting sustainability metrics including Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and carbon emissions.

- Highlighting potential future risks to availability or service levels.

Danny Reeves, CEO, CBRE | Romonet: “If the entire data center industry and tech companies came together to use smart analytics in running facilities, we could see amazing widespread improvements in both profitability and environmental impact. As it stands, there are still many organizations using labor intensive, mistake prone Excel sheets to manage critical assets. However, the industry is progressing at light speed and industry leaders are already forging the way towards long term sustainability in the data center space. We are very proud to have customers that are aware of these crucial aspects and are investing resources into changing the data center market and creating a better environment for all players.”

Moving forward, CBRE | Romonet plans to publish quarterly reports regarding savings, energy usage and CO2 emission reductions achieved by our clients.

Stay tuned for our next update!