In one year, we enabled our clients to save £3m+, reduce energy usage by 48,000 MWh and decrease CO2 emissions by over 11,550 tons. Unlock your data centre’s potential today!

CBRE | Romonet enables us to surpass energy reduction goals by over 9%; not only understand the consequences but show their financial payback
Lawrence Livermore National Labs

CBRE | Romonet enables us to remove risk, improve performance and add value... Reduce data centre TCO and pioneer new, innovative approaches
Charles Rego, Chief Data Centre Architect, Data Centre Group, Intel

CBRE | Romonet enables us to see a return on investment after 2 months, identify savings of 9.2% of the site’s energy per year
Simon Levey, Head of Data Centre Development, Fujitsu UK & Ireland

CBRE | Romonet enables us to validate our claims, a vital proof point used to attract and secure investment

CBRE | Romonet enables us to test and validate TCO and ROI of projects before making any engineering or financial decisions and accurately establish the total service delivery cost of the overall site
RED Engineering

Efficient data centres are our business

CBRE | Romonet's cloud-based predictive analytics provide continuous optimisations throughout your facility's entire lifecycle. This enables accurate planning, maximum performance and minimised risk.

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ROI within 2 months, identified savings of 9.2% on annual site energy use

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Big Data

Infinitely scalable, built for today's data centres.


Predict future investment and performance without risk.


Gain control, accurately forecast and measure TCO and ROI.


Reduce environmental impact, improve public profile.


Ensure maximum availability with predictable energy efficiency.


Humankind's most valuable asset – reduce and report your use.


Visibility into the critical impact of data centre costs, performance and improvements.


Realise profits before investing, track throughout investment lifecycle.


Maximise the potential, reduce costs, increase profits.

Benefits at every lifecycle stage

CBRE | Romonet helps operators and enterprises optimise their facilities during the design, build and IST, and operational stages so they can:

  • Maximise return on invested capital
  • Maximise operational performance
  • Minimise TCO, operational and financial risk

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