Multi-tenant: Colocation & Cloud

Predict the impact of investments as your IT estate grows. Optimize capacity, accurately forecast financial performance, improve resource management and increase service availability.


Enterprise: Owner-operated & Hybrid Estates

A powerful source of truth for data center operational and capital expenditure. Increase corporate sustainability. Drive efficiency. Divert uncovered cost savings to other strategic business projects.

managed services

Service Providers, Facilities Mgmt. & Managed Services

Put the "service" back in managed service. Streamline operations and strengthen service level agreements. Reduce the risk of downtime and reduce the time staff spend on laborious tasks.



Grow using analytics built to benefit your customers. Align customer data usage with IT usage and gain tighter margin management. Assess the financial and operational impact of future investments before spending a single cent.

ROI within 2 months, identified savings of 9.2% on annual site energy use

Simon Levey, Head of Data Centre Devlopment, Fujitsu UK & Ireland

Bad data = bad decision-making

How accurate is your data? Validated by ROMONET has the answers.