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Case Studies

Global Switch

Analysis for Global Switch's data center in Sydney. Find out more.


Saving time, money and energy. Want similar results?


Accurately predicting and optimizing cost, energy and capacity. Find out how.

Lawrence Livermore National University

Advanced super computers without sacrificing CSR. Achieve the same.

Virtus Data Centres

Guaranteeing availability 24/7. Deliver the same outcomes.

Compass Datacenters

Validating designs and better business cases. Learn how.

Syska Hennessy

Stronger IT long-term provisioning. Unlock with analytics.

RED Engineering

Partnering to improve strategic management. Impressive ROI awaits.


Securing funding from investors. The power of analytics.


Enhancing project management with Romonet. Rapid results.

Ark Data Centres

Unrivalled service predictability as a service provider. Discover more.


Quick read: four customers share their results

More profitable businesses, streamlined operations. Intel and three others share what they’ve achieved with Romonet. Discover now.

eBook: the finance department & the data center

Money goes in, ROI should come out. How Predictive Analytics is changing data center financial management. Download.

Is “Free Cooling” costing more than you think?

Is your CSR and bottom line at risk? White Paper Pt. 1. and White Paper Pt. 2. 

The CFO of a billion-dollar data center services provider shares all

How to successfully manage IT assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
Get the interview.