Our Customers

800+ data centres optimised since 2006

Every business uses a data centre, either through direct ownership, outsourced services or via cloud applications.

Our customers might have different objectives, but they share the same results – increased profitability, improved CSR, stronger financial management and better operational performance. Below is a small selection of customers benefiting from CBRE | Romonet's services.


Fujitsu UK & Ireland

Saving time, money and energy

Objective: Deliver smarter decision-making, improve performance management and meet sustainability objectives.

  • Accurate forecasting and large energy efficiency savings
  • Regular executive level reports
  • A more productive engineering team
  • Rapid ROI – deployed in 10 days, ROI in under two months
  • Costs covered with a 1-2% reduction in energy usage at one site

"Once we saw the reports which were produced for two large capital projects we could instantly see the savings." Simon Levey CDCAP, Head of Data Centre Development, Fujitsu UK & Ireland.

Global Switch

Maximising energy efficiency and validating decisions

Objective: Deliver one of the most energy efficient and sustainable data centres in the region.

  • Independently verify Power Usage Effectiveness
  • Reliable and accurate analysis of PUE
  • Model the facility over the life of the development
  • Better understand the next steps of occupation

"Global Switch’s customers can be confident that the declared PUE values are both accurate and validated by an independent party" Matthew Winter, Group Director, Projects, Global Switch


Accurately predicting and optimising cost,
energy and capacity

Objective: Provide Intel customers with a snapshot of data centre operational efficiency for strategic planning and financial management.

  • Risk mitigation and added value for Intel customers
  • Transparent operational performance
  • A more efficient capital planning process
  • Greater control over total cost of ownership
  • Decisions based on verified data, not assumptions

"A game changer for the data centre industry." Charles W. Rego, Chief Data Centre Architect, Data Centre Group, Intel.

Lawrence Livermore National University

Advanced super computers without sacrificing CSR

Objective: Used to understand ROI of investments and efficiency of future IT purchases.

  • Quantitative reports validated decisions for budget holders
  • Improved stakeholder management
  • Every engineering and operational decision tied to a financial and customer impact
  • Simpler processes – no more spreadsheets or manual workflows
  • Precise data management

"We can understand project ROI before spending any money or scarce resources. This gives us quantitative information to justify our decisions to the budget holders." Anna Maria Bailey, PE, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.


Securing funding from investors

Objective: Validate Iceotope own technical claims to secure a new round of funding.

  • Secured private investment of $10 million
  • 32% energy savings verified by CBRE | Romonet
  • Proof-points for future customer acquisition activities

"CBRE | Romonet has been a key element of our funding: it’s safe to say that its expertise has opened doors for us." Peter Hopton, Founder and CEO, Iceotope.

Virtus Data Centres

Guaranteeing availability 24/7

Objective: Independently assess the long-term financial impact of two competitive cooling technologies.

  • Improved strategic planning for a new facility
  • Accurate predictive analytics forecasting 10 years into the future
  • Data for investor relations and new customer acquisition
  • Advanced operational models matching London’s climate conditions
  • Maximising the financial returns from the facility over entire lifecycle

"While we were confident that the design delivered the lowest TCO for our customers, CBRE | Romonet was able to confirm this." Neil Cresswell, Virtus Data Centres, CEO.