Romonet Partners

Working with the best to deliver the best.

We have built a global network of established delivery partners with expertise in data center design and infrastructure management. The companies we work with all have an extensive track record in mission-critical engineering and project implementation. All delivery partners are fully trained in Romonet's Platform and all modeled sites are validated by Romonet.


Founded in 1972, Niscom is a Japanese IT consultancy. Niscom has helped customers such as Mizuho and NTT Communications maximize the value of their IT investments: from support and consultancy to complete business transformation. With offices in Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong Niscom acts as a long-term business partner for its customers, ensuring they always have the expertise and capabilities they need.

Together with Niscom, Romonet is helping operations teams and executives across Japan predict the best financial course for their businesses’ data center infrastructure.


Red is a multi-award-winning consultancy designing MEP services for infrastructure, new and existing buildings, with a focus on innovative, low energy solutions. Red has designed low carbon MEP systems for some of the best buildings of their kind in the world, including super-luxury hotels, 'green' supermarkets and datacentres, and AAA class offices.


DLB Associates are MEP & Technology consulting engineers who combine imagination, technical expertise, agility and practicality to meet clients where they need to be met.

DLB helps customers to visualize options using powerful modeling & graphical techniques; design projects that are focused on what’s best for clients and their values; integrate people, technology and the built environment; commission projects using a practical, adaptive and communication centric approach. DLB associates support the effective delivery of Romonet's platform & applications in the US.


As a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in Utilities & Infrastructure, Industries & Machines Manufacturers, Non-residential Buildings, Data Centers & Networks and in Residential.

Schneider's prefabricated modular data centers have been analysed and validated by Romonet experts. By using Romonet's data center modeling application, the analysis was conducted to identify the capital cost differences of a prefabricated vs. traditional 440 kW data center, both built with the same power and cooling architecture, and highlighted the key cost drivers.